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An October 26 school bus accident allegedly caused 12 injuries and a fatality after three teenage boys ran a red light in a BMW, hitting the bus and one pedestrian. The incident took place in Boyle Heights late on a Tuesday evening. According to California Highway Patrol officers, all three of the underage suspects fled the scene. Officers apprehended two of them near the site while the third one was found at a local hospital. The boys face hit-and-run charges.

Bus Accident Attorney LawyerAccidents like this one show the extent to which a reckless driver can endanger other vehicles, drivers, and passengers as well as pedestrians. Crashes at intersections are some of the most deadly vehicle accidents that threaten the health and safety of everyone who uses the road. When those responsible for serious traffic infractions and harmful consequences do not stay on the scene to own up to their actions, an accident case becomes that much more difficult. When found, these defendants will face even greater charges for seeking to avoid responsibility.

Whether or not hit and run defendants are in police custody, those who sustained injuries in vehicle accidents need professional personal injury lawyers to help them recover high costs for treatment, lost wages and more. In a wrongful death situation, families need qualified legal representation to help them pursue justice.

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