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Tyler Trammel Huston, 9 years of age, was mauled to death in a vicious pit bull attack while he was staying with his sister in Linda, California.Dog Bite Attorney Lawyer CA

According to KTLA news report the devastating accident occurred on January 3, 2016 when the three pit bulls were inside Alexandria Griffin-Heady’s trailer home. Relatives of the family state that Tyler had been living with a foster family in Elk Grove, but occasionally went to visit his older sister. The police report that the dogs attacked when his sister left Tyler alone to go to work.

Authorities are still investigating to determine whether the sister should face criminal charges. The dogs are locked up at the Yuba County Animal Shelter. They will most likely be put down.

The Dangers of Pit Bull Attacks

All three dogs that attacked in this case were pit bulls. Pit bulls are known to be one of the most dangerous breeds that cause the most number of dog-related deaths and catastrophic injuries, especially amongst children.

According to, pit bull attacks largely outnumber dog bites and attacks by any other dog breed. These types of dogs are widely known for attacking adults almost as often as young children. Unfortunately, pit bulls generally attack victims in packs more than any other type of dog, as they did in the fatal case of Tyler Trammel Huston.

Important Steps to Take To Keep Our Children Safe

We may not be able to bubble wrap our children against every vicious dog bite attack. However, there are certain steps that we can take as adults to keep our children and ourselves safe from these dangerous dogs. Below are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not leave a young child with any breed of dog, especially a pit bull.
  • Do not approach a chained or restrained dog.
  • Do not approach a pack of loose dogs, even if you or your child think you may “know” the dogs.
  • Do not place yourself or your child in the midst of a dog fight, especially if it involves pit bulls.
  • Do not approach a car with a dog inside, especially if the window is down or the door is open.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a dog bite or attack, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your resulting injuries. In order to protect your legal rights and ensure that you obtain the full compensation that you deserve, it is imperative that you seek immediate legal help.

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