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Medical Malpractice AttorneyStatutes of limitations in California courts vary depending on the individual case. A statute of limitation is the time limit from when an injury or damages took place that an individual or party has to file a suit in the court of law. These statutes are all different and have varying timeframes depending on the type of case. For example, a medical malpractice suit has a statute of limitation of three years from the date of injury or one year from the date of discovery while the statute for a wrongful death case is two years. Of course, there are exceptions and different stipulations depending on specific case circumstances.

The Law Offices of Samer Habbas specialize as Los Angeles personal injury lawyers and its surrounding areas and are very experienced in the many areas of personal injury law. By contacting a Southern California injury lawyer, you can receive more specific and detailed information on cases regarding negligence, medical or other types of malpractice, wrongful death, discrimination and abuse as well as other topics.

Because there are many extenuating factors that can come into play when determining whether you in fact do have a case and which statutes of limitations apply, it is important to contact and work with a personal injury attorney so you do not miss any opportunities to recover damages. Over the years, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Samer Habbas have been effectively representing the people of Southern California who have been victims and suffered major injuries from car accidents, day care and nursing home abuse, brain injuries and wrongful death to smaller injuries suffered from dog bites and slip and fall injuries.

If you feel that you suffered an injury, your best course of action is to call an experienced and qualified lawyer in the Los Angeles area such as a Samer Habbas Southern California personal injury lawyer. To schedule a consultation to discuss your case, call 1.888.848.5084 today.