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An article that was recently published in the Contra Costa Times reports that the town of Hercules, CA is considering new ordinances stemming from two recent pit bull attacks. Public outcry over the attacks is calling for more compliance with existing dog restraint rules, enhanced public vigilance of loose dogs in the area and the possibility of new city laws that would address pit bulls and other dog breeds perceived to be aggressive.

Dog byte attorney LAOn August 20, 2009, a woman was attacked and her Yorkshire terrier killed by two loose pit bulls as she was walking in the 400 block of Turquoise Drive. The Hercules police chief said that the woman suffered minor bites and scratches to her arms in the dog bite attack, and the Contra Costa County Department of Animal Services euthanized the two pit bulls after they were deemed dangerous.

A few weeks later on September 6, three loose pit bulls attacked and injured a dog in the 1700 block of Pheasant Drive. These dogs were also deemed dangerous and euthanized. The city’s Municipal Code holds that generally, a dog should be properly restrained at all times. If a dog is in a position to harm a person or another animal, its owner is in violation of the county ordinance, an Animal Services official said.

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