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California Rules of the Road: Riding an Electric Bike

Southern California has recently seen a lot more bicyclists on the road. However, it’s been noticed that these bicyclists are traveling at higher speeds than usual. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, there has been a surge in Electric Bike sales. E-Bikes are just like regular bicycles, except with the addition of battery-powered assistance. As the recent trend to purchase E-Bikes continues, it is important that owners and riders become familiar with the laws regulating these bikes and the types of accidents and injuries involved.


Summer is coming to an end, which means “Back-to-School” season is just around the corner! Parents may feel a sense of relief sending their kids back to school and returning to their structured routines, but the school year prompts hazards we need to be more aware of. An increase in road congestion is one of […]

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All things we love about the weather warming up and summer approaching – longer days, social gatherings, bike rides – are the very same things that make it the most accident-prone time of the year. Below is a list of some of the most common summertime accidents. Swimming Pool Injuries There’s no better way to […]

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Bicycles have become a common mode of transportation on our roads. On any given day, you can see multiple bicyclists zipping in and out of traffic, especially in the more metropolitan parts of town. This increase in bicycles has its benefits, but it also has disadvantages- mainly the increase in accidents involving cars. These types […]

Dangers of Riding Your Bike on Sidewalks

If you regularly ride your bicycle, you’re probably familiar with the notion that you should never ride on the sidewalk. The reasoning behind this idea is that when bicyclists ride on sidewalks, they are more likely to get into accidents or cause accidents. Some cities and counties in California have even made it illegal to […]

Front Impact Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles are increasingly becoming a convenient type of transportation – especially in states such as California where the weather is warm year-round. Riding a bicycle can also reduce time spent in traffic and other costs, such as gas, insurance, and parking. However, as convenient as riding a bicycle may be, it can also be dangerous. […]


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