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Much like the sexual assault case against Michigan State University and Dr. Larry Nassar, the University of Southern California is facing a similar situation regarding long-time campus gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall. Employed by the school for three decades, Dr. Tyndall has come under fire by former and current female students at the school regarding alleged […]

Sexual abuse

Uber and other ride share applications, such as Lyft, have proven to be a flexible option for riders-especially when intoxicated. But the question is whether they have also become a liability – as a breeding ground for sexual assault and battery. A CNN investigation revealed that more than 100 Uber drivers have been accused of […]

nursing home abuse

Most elderly individuals rely on walkers and wheelchairs to leave their beds. They depend on others to care for them. And they go to nursing homes to be cared for. Instead of being cared for, some of these elderly people are sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, the unthinkable is happening at nursing home facilities throughout the country: […]

Hire Right Elder Abuse Attorney

Elder abuse is a common problem seen in homes and care giving facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. Elder abuse can take different forms such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse and exploitation, emotional abuse, neglect or abandonment by the caregivers, as well as healthcare fraud and abuse. Since older people are vulnerable, […]

personal injury attorney

One of the most common types of nursing home abuse is sexual abuse. Unfortunately, elderly nursing home residents become an easy prey for sexual predators because they are often weak and unable to protect themselves or speak due to a medical condition or side effects of medication. Our nursing home sexual abuse attorneys can help […]


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