Understanding Negligence Per Se In Accident Cases

When you are injured in an accident because another party has broken the law, you may be entitled to compensation. The legal concept that applies in these types of cases is known as negligence per se. Negligence per se can be very helpful in helping you successfully settle your case. Usually, when you file a lawsuit in an accident claim, you must show that the party you believe caused...
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Self-Driving Uber Vehicle Involved In Major Crash

Uber pulled its driverless car from the streets after one of its self-driving SUVs was involved in an accident in Tempe, Arizona on March 25, 2017. This was the first major accident for the tech firm. The ride-hailing company temporarily suspended its fleet following the accident. The accident happened when another car failed to yield to the self-driving Uber vehicle. Although this was an indication that the Uber vehicle...
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