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truck accident lawyerThe state of California, with its intricate web of highways and countless commercial trucks crisscrossing the state every day, is no stranger to the tragedy of truck accidents. As a truck accident victim, understanding the causes behind these accidents is crucial to seeking legal redress. Our experienced personal injury lawyers, well-versed in California’s legal landscape, provide an examination of the top causes of truck accidents—driver fatigue, distracted driving, inadequate training, mechanical failures, and improper cargo loading—and the relevant laws in these scenarios.

Driver Fatigue: The Silent Threat In Trucking Accidents

Commercial truck driving is notorious for its grueling hours and relentless pressure. As a result, driver fatigue frequently emerges as a principal culprit in truck accidents. The federal Hours of Service regulations are designed to ensure drivers get sufficient rest. However, in a bid to meet demanding deadlines, these rules are often sidestepped, increasing the risk of accidents.

The state of California takes fatigue-related truck accidents seriously. In a lawsuit, if the driver is found to have violated Hours of Service regulations, it may constitute negligence per se. This law asserts that an act is inherently negligent, therefore simplifying the plaintiff’s burden of proof and possibly improving their chance of receiving compensation.

Distracted Driving: A High-Tech Problem On The Highways

In our increasingly connected world, distracted driving has emerged as a significant concern. Whether it’s texting, using a GPS, changing radio stations, or eating while behind the wheel, these distractions can divert the driver’s attention long enough to cause a collision.

Under the California Vehicle Code § 23123, using handheld devices while driving is explicitly prohibited. A violation of this law during the incident can be cited as proof of negligence in a truck accident claim, strengthening the case for compensation.

Inadequate Training: The Danger Of Neglected Standards

Operating a commercial truck requires specialized training and a distinct skill set. As such, inadequate training can result in fatal mistakes on the road. While training might seem like a basic requirement, it is startling how often this critical aspect is overlooked, leading to avoidable tragedies on the highway.

California law recognizes that trucking companies hold a responsibility to adequately train their drivers. If a company hires a driver lacking proper training or fails to supervise them adequately, the company may be held liable under legal theories such as vicarious liability, negligent hiring, or negligent training.

Mechanical Failures: The Hidden Danger In Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks are feats of modern engineering, but they are also prone to mechanical failures if not properly maintained. Brake failures, tire blowouts, and steering malfunctions are just a few examples of how mechanical failures can turn a truck into an uncontrollable missile on the highway.

In California, trucking companies are mandated by law to perform regular inspections and maintenance on their fleet. Failure to meet these obligations can be viewed as negligence. This neglect could place the trucking company squarely in the crosshairs for liability in any resulting accidents through a truck accident lawsuit. 

Improper Cargo Loading: A Misstep With Grave Consequences

Finally, improper cargo loading is a significant, yet often underestimated, cause of truck accidents. Overloading, unbalanced loading, or inadequately secured cargo can render a truck unstable and challenging to control, which can lead to disastrous accidents.

Both Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations and California law mandate specific guidelines for safe cargo loading in commercial trucks. If these rules are breached, the responsible party could face serious legal repercussions, and victims may leverage these violations to substantiate their case.

The Complex Legal Path Following A Truck Accident In California

Identifying the causes behind truck accidents is the crucial first step in your quest for justice. However, the journey to compensation is often a complicated one, fraught with legal hurdles and adversarial insurance companies or trucking corporations. In California, the laws governing truck accidents can seem labyrinthine to those unfamiliar with the legal system, but they serve a critical role in protecting truck accident victims’ rights and ensuring they receive fair compensation. A personal injury lawyer can help you understand these laws and the best path forward. 

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident in California, don’t face the aftermath alone. Reach out to the experienced Orange County personal injury attorneys at Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates PC for skillful representation and guidance. Our dedicated truck accident lawyers are well-versed in truck accident law and insurance claims, and we are here to fight for your rights. Whether you’re seeking fair compensation or need assistance navigating the complexities of an insurance claim, our compassionate and skilled legal team is ready to stand by your side. Contact a personal injury attorney today at (888) 848-5084 or contact us online for a no-cost consultation and take the first step in obtaining the justice you deserve.

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