Los Angeles Railroad Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles Railroad Accident Lawyer

If you get hurt in a railroad accident, it can change your life in big ways. You might have serious injuries that need a lot of time and medical care to heal. This can mean you can’t work for a while, or maybe you can’t go back to the job you had before. The pain from your injuries can also make it hard to do everyday things and enjoy time with your family and friends. On top of that, dealing with hospitals, doctors, and insurance can be really stressful and confusing. It’s not just about physical injuries, either. These accidents can leave you feeling scared, anxious, or sad for a long time.

If you’re a victim, you have legal rights that may include filing a lawsuit or an insurance claim for compensation. A railroad accident lawyer can assist you through the legal process, aiming to secure the maximum compensation and justice for you. Below, Samer Habbas & Associates, PC will explain crucial information about railroad accidents, covering their types and causes, available legal options for victims, potential financial compensation, and the significant role of a lawyer.

Types of Railroad Accidents

railroad accidentWhen you think of railroad accidents, it’s easy to picture train collisions first. But there are other types that don’t involve trains directly. One kind involves cars or other vehicles getting hit at crossings because gates or signals didn’t work right. Another type is people walking near or across tracks because there aren’t proper safety measures in place. There are also accidents where workers fixing or checking tracks get injured due to equipment failure or not having the right protection. Lastly, sometimes the tracks themselves can cause accidents if they’re not kept in good shape, leading to derailments even if a train isn’t involved at that moment.

Causes of Railroad Accidents

Many things can lead to these types of railroad accidents. One common cause is when the equipment meant to keep cars and people safe at crossings fails to work. This could be because the equipment is old or wasn’t kept up well. Another cause can be when there’s not enough warning or barriers to keep people away from dangerous areas near tracks. Sometimes, the people working on or near the tracks aren’t given the right training or tools to stay safe. Poor maintenance of the railroad infrastructure, like broken signals or bad tracks, can also lead to accidents. Lastly, when vehicles try to cross the tracks right before a train comes, even if warnings are working, it can cause serious accidents.

Common Locations for Railroad Accidents

Los Angeles hosts several key railroads, making it a vital hub in the transportation network. The Union Pacific and BNSF are the major freight carriers, handling goods across North America. For passengers, Amtrak provides long-distance routes, while Metrolink serves commuters in Southern California. The Los Angeles Metro Rail, with its multiple lines, offers urban transit within the city, connecting diverse neighborhoods and easing daily commutes. These railroads support LA’s economy and mobility.

In Los Angeles, railroad accidents can happen in a few key spots. Places where roads cross tracks, known as crossings, are common sites. Some crossings might be busy with cars and not have the best safety features, making accidents more likely. Industrial areas where tracks run close to businesses and work sites can also be risky. Here, workers and equipment move near the tracks often, increasing the chance of an accident. Busy areas with lots of people walking near tracks can see accidents, especially if there aren’t clear signs or barriers. Lastly, areas where the tracks aren’t in good condition or are hard to see can be dangerous for everyone nearby.

Potential Liable Parties

If you’re hurt in a railroad accident that doesn’t involve a train hitting something, you might wonder who’s responsible. Often, the company that owns the tracks can be at fault. This is because they’re supposed to keep the tracks and crossings safe and working well. If they don’t do this, they can be responsible for accidents. The company that made or maintains the equipment, like signals and barriers at crossings, can also be liable if their products don’t work right and cause an accident. If poor training or safety measures for workers led to the accident, the company employing those workers could be held responsible too. Sometimes, even local government bodies might be liable, especially if the accident was partly due to bad road conditions near the tracks or poorly designed crossings.

In Los Angeles, and throughout California, there are laws that say how these responsibilities are figured out. For example, companies must follow state and federal regulations that set standards for railroad safety. If an investigation shows they didn’t meet these standards, they can be held legally responsible for the accident. This can include not only ensuring that physical infrastructure like tracks and signals are in good condition but also implementing proper safety protocols for their employees.

Legal Options for Railroad Accident Victims

If you’ve been hurt in a railroad accident, you have rights. You can file a lawsuit to seek justice and help cover your recovery needs. First, you’ll need to figure out who’s responsible for the accident. This could be the railroad company, a manufacturing company, or even a local government entity. To do this, you might need the help of a lawyer who knows about personal injury and railroad laws.

Once you know who’s liable, your lawyer will help you start your case. This involves gathering evidence, like photos from the accident scene, witness statements, and reports that show the cause of the accident. Your lawyer will also look at medical records to show how the accident has affected your health and life.

Filing a lawsuit must be done within a certain time frame, known as the statute of limitations. In California, you usually have two years from the date of the incident to bring a lawsuit. If you’re suing a government entity, you have to file a claim with the government first, and you have even less time to do this.

Your lawyer will guide you through the legal process, from filing your lawsuit to negotiating with the other side for a fair settlement. If you can’t reach a settlement, your case might go to trial where a judge or jury will decide the outcome. Throughout this process, your lawyer will work to protect your rights and aim for the best possible outcome for you.

Potential Damages in Railroad Accident Cases

If you’re involved in a railroad accident, you can recover several types of damages. These include medical bills for treating your injuries, lost wages if you can’t work while recovering, and money for any future earnings you might lose because of your injuries. You can also get compensated for physical pain and suffering. In California, if you were partly at fault for the accident, you could still get some money. The law reduces your compensation by the percentage you were at fault. If someone dies in a railroad accident, their family can file for wrongful death. This includes money for lost future income, funeral expenses, and loss of companionship.

After the Accident

Right after a railroad accident, first, make sure you and anyone else involved are safe. Then, call 911 to get medical help and report the accident. If you can, take pictures of the accident scene and get contact information from witnesses. A lawyer specializing in railroad accidents can be a big help. They can look into your case, figure out who’s at fault, and talk to insurance companies for you. They know the laws and can make sure you file everything on time. Your lawyer will work to get you the most money possible for your injuries and other losses. They’re there to guide you through the legal process, answer your questions, and help reduce the stress of dealing with the outcome of an accident.

Contact Los Angeles Railroad Accident Attorney Samer Habbas

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