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If you have been injured in an accident, you may find that dealing with your insurance company is a less-than-pleasant experience. The process of how the insurance company handles your claim and communicate with you may seem inexplicable and bureaucratic. If so, an Irvine personal injury attorney may be able to help you understand how insurance companies work and what you can expect.

When an insurance company receives a claim, the first thing that happens to the claim is that it is assigned to a claims adjuster by territory or size. Accident attorneys in small states (with a population of 2 million or less) usually get to know the adjusters for the national and local carriers around them, which can be beneficial. In larger states, however, there are so many turnovers of adjusters that your case may be handled by two or more adjusters over the course of the process.

Adjusters are busy people, and they check their files regularly in order to maintain a “diary” of their cases to try to keep them moving in a timely fashion and not keep any one waiting for too long. However, an adjuster may have as many as one hundred to two hundred files going at once, which means they may only spend a few minutes per week on a typical claim and may not return your Irvine personal injury attorney’s calls right away.

Adjusters are evaluated on the basis of: how many cases they settle within or below their authorized settlement amount; how quickly they can settle a case; and how little money is spent in the course of settling the case.

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