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The three most common defenses an Orange County auto accident lawyer sees presented in a case are:

* The auto accident was partially or completely your fault.

* The auto accident was the fault of some third party.

* The auto accident did not injure you or did not injure you as much as you claim.

Car-accident AttorneyThe most common of these three defenses in Orange County auto accident lawsuits is the first one-claiming that the car accident was your fault rather than the defendant’s. The defendant might say that you were at fault because you were violating a traffic law by speeding or making an illegal lane change. They may admit partial liability but say that the accident would have been avoidable if you had taken some action like swerving, or that you could have minimized your injuries by (for example) wearing a seatbelt. In legal terms, the defendant is claiming contributory or comparative negligence.

A similar defense is that someone other than you or the defendant caused or contributed to the accident. For example, the defendant in an Orange County auto accident lawsuit might say that the condition of the road made it unsafe and that the city or state is responsible for your injury. The defendant may also blame the manufacturer of his or her vehicle for a defect that caused the accident, or a third driver for doing something to cause the accident.

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