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An auto accident on September 12 on Highway 5 resulted in one fatality after motorists encountered a sofa sitting on the freeway.

According to reports, the driver of a 2000 Toyota Corolla hit the piece of furniture and slammed into a GMC Safari, causing one passenger to fly from the vehicle. The passenger’s injuries were fatal. California Highway Patrol said the accident happened around 9:30 p.m. close to the intersection of Highway 5 and La Veta Avenue.

Roadway Accident Attorney LawyerRoadway obstacles that have fallen from trucks or other vehicles pose a unique hazard, especially on limited access roads. One of the common contracts of the road is that drivers are responsible for items that they are hauling at high speeds. Drivers have to make sure that they fasten all of their cargo securely onto their vehicles so that it cannot fly off at high speeds. Tragic incidents occur when a driver has been negligent in allowing items to fall from his or her vehicle, or when someone dumps furniture or other items in a public roadway. Police are still investigating the Highway 5 accident. Victims in incidents like this often turn to experienced auto accident attorneys. An attorney can help document a case and pursue a claim against a negligent party or parties in order to seek compensation for the victim or the victim’s family.

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