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Personal injury attorney lawyerYour Irvine personal injury attorney will take a large number of factors into account in order to come up with an accurate settlement value. All possible items of damage must be checked. Below are the questions that outline all the different elements of damages for which you may be able to obtain compensation and the possible sources of proof for them.

  • Have all aspects of your pain and suffering (whether in the past, present, or future) been analyzed and evaluated thoroughly?
  • Are there any witnesses who are able to testify to or can describe your pain and suffering?
  • Are you able to present medical records and physician’s testimony to substantiate your pain and suffering?
  • Do you have any photographs, videotapes, or films that will help your Irvine personal injury attorney demonstrate your pain and suffering?
  • What treatment methods are available to alleviate your pain and suffering?
  • Have you had to make any lifestyle changes to deal with your pain and suffering?
  • Have you had to change jobs or job responsibilities because of your pain and suffering?
  • Have you had to purchase any special medical support equipment for your injuries?
  • Have you undergone any special therapy or treatment for your pain?
  • Are there any psychological effects or injuries stemming from your personal injury that exacerbate the pain and suffering?
  • Are you able to present physician’s reports, psychiatrist’s reports, psychologist’s reports, healthcare provider’s reports, or hospital records that indicate that your symptoms and medical conditions have a documentable causal relationship to the trauma or accident?
  • Do you regularly take any medication for your mental pain and suffering?
  • Do you have any medical expert witnesses ready to testify to and document your pain and suffering?
  • Have your injuries diminished your capacity for social activities, hobbies, or other leisure pastimes?
  • Has your outlook on life or your personality changed at all due to your injuries? Can any witnesses, such as friends and family or co-workers, testify that you have experienced such a change?

These are just some of the factors that will go into evaluating the damages in your case. If you have further questions, contact experienced Irvine personal injury attorney Samer Habbas at 888-848-5084 for a free initial consultation.