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Wrongful Death Attorney

Losing a loved one in an untimely manner due to the          If you have decided to file a wrongful death claim, your Irvine wrongful death attorney will assess the specific facts of your case to determine what economic and non-economic damages you are entitled to. Economic damages are generally easier to calculate as compared to non-economic damages.reckless or negligent actions of another party is devastating. And the last thing you may want to think about is filing a wrongful death claim. Although taking legal action may not be on the top of your list, it will help you get the closure and financial assistance you need to properly deal with the horrible loss.

What Are Non-Economic Damages In a Wrongful Death Claim?

Non-economic damages attempt to measure the value of the benefits you and your family members would have reasonably received from the deceased victim had he or she lived. More specifically, some examples of non-economic damages include compensation for:

  • The deceased victim’s love, companionship and care
  • The deceased victim’s parenting and guidance of younger children
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of moral support, affection and society

Non-economic damages are especially significant when the deceased victim’s services were an integral part of the family, as is often the case when the decedent was the non-working parent who cared for the children and house. In addition, non-economic damages are important when the decedent was a child or elderly parent who may not have provided any monetary means to the family, but whose loss clearly represents substantial “injury” for which just compensation should be paid.

Calculating Non-Economic Damages

There is no set standard for determining and calculating non-economic damages in a wrongful death action. Your Irvine wrongful death attorney will simply need to instruct the jury to use their judgment and common sense to determine a reasonable monetary amount based on the evidence provided during trial.

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