blog banner released news that the California Highway Patrol has determined driver error as the cause of a bus accident that killed the driver and four French tourists on April 28, 2009.

Bus Accident AttorneyAccording to the report, bus driver John Egnew failed to properly negotiate a curving section of Highway 101, causing the bus to strike one of the guardrails and flip on its side. The crash killed 5 and injured 32. California transportation officials cited in the news story said that the section of the road has not been a safety concern before. A California Highway Patrol investigator is quoted in the report suggesting that speed may have been an issue in the accident.

Other factors such as drugs and alcohol have been ruled out as causes of the crash by the CHP investigation. Mechanical issues did not seem to be present as the Orion Pacific tour bus was new and in good condition.

Determining the factors that are at fault in a bus accident can take a considerable amount of time, as there are so many elements to rule out. Maintenance records, driver safety records, highway design schematics, blood tests and eye-witness accounts must be carefully corroborated before a clear picture of a bus accident emerges.

Unfortunately, while investigations like this slowly produce an account of a bus accident, the victims of a crash are dealing with mounting medical costs and other financial issues. If you have any questions about liability in a bus accident, please contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Samer Habbas.

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