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LA Train AccidentsHigh-speed trains have been getting a lot of media attention lately as our country searches for ways to get people from one place to another quickly, safely, and in ways that reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. In the current economic climate, many high-speed train projects are being considered as a way to accomplish these goals and put people back to work. However, California train accident lawyers are concerned about whether a high-speed rail system is a right solution in a state plagued by train accidents.

These trains have marvelous safety records. Japan’s bullet trains, or Shinkansen, have transported over nine billion passengers in more than 46 years of operation without one train-related fatality. That’s remarkable. France’s TGV high-speed trains have been moving people quickly and efficiently for more than 29 years, carry over 100 million travelers annually, and have not had a single train-related passenger fatality.

There are plans for one such high-speed train for California. The California High-Speed Rail Project will run on an 800-mile route, and Mr. Habbas and other Southern California train accident lawyers will be pleased to note that the system will be grade-separated. Grade-separated means that there will be no grade crossings with other rail lines, roads, pedestrians, or other traffic. The only locations where the new trains would share tracks with other trains would be in the Bay Area and between Los Angeles and Anaheim.

Anaheim train accident lawyer Samer Habbas welcomes the new high-speed train in the area. Nevertheless, he sees victims of train accidents and their families every day and is concerned about the possibility of even more accidents in the area. If you or a family member have been injured or killed in a train accident, call 888.848.5084 today to schedule a free consultation with Orange County train accident lawyer Samer Habbas.