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Slip and fall accident lawyerAs a victim of an accident or unjust conduct, the legal system can feel slow, sluggish, and drawn out. You may be in dire need of cash to pay expensive medical bills, or you may be tired of waiting for justice. Unfortunately, legal proceedings and claims take considerable time, especially when they go to trial. The most effective way to speed up your claim process at any stage is to hire a skilled personal injury attorney. 

Let Us Seek Justice For You

Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates routinely handle many personal injury cases. We have extensive experience and are well acquainted with legal practices, processes, and laws allowing us to handle your claim efficiently and effectively. We strive to represent your best interests, including getting your desired outcome for each case or claim as soon as possible. Keeping your interests in mind, we can recommend solutions and give advice that best suits your desired outcome for your claim. 

As your attorneys seeking a speedy outcome for you, here are some practices we would follow:

Filing Correctly The First Time

We are well acquainted with filing personal injury lawsuits of all kinds. Unrepresented plaintiffs or inexperienced attorneys often file claims with mistakes that slow down the filing process. Skipping steps or overlooking problems causes courts or other judicial and administrative bodies to return filings for corrections. Corrections could be minor, but when the documents or paperwork is resubmitted, it could take extra days or weeks to be re-evaluated. Filings done correctly on the first submission certainly cut down the overall time on your claim. 

Gathering And Submitting Proper Documentation

Unrepresented plaintiffs are often unfamiliar with the required evidence or even what pleadings may be strong enough to get a claim accepted. As skilled attorneys, we have experience dealing with insurance companies and civil procedures in court, and we know how to provide all the necessary information at the correct time. Additionally, we are remarkably efficient in gathering or requesting the evidence we need to establish a claim. We make requests for information promptly and can gather evidence during the course of an investigation. 

Negotiation Expertise

Our exceptional negotiating skills allow us to quickly negotiate a settlement that best represents your interests. While settlement negotiations can take some time, we implement efficient negotiation methods to reach a fair and just settlement for you. 

Sometimes this means rejecting settlements that are too low. The threat of litigation and going to trial can carry heavy weight, as litigation can be expensive for insurance companies or defendants. It is crucial to speak with your attorney and strike a balance between a hasty process and how much compensation you deserve. 

Provide As Much Documentation As Possible

If you are in the early stages of making your claim, be sure to give your attorney all pictures, a summary of facts, written recollections, police reports, or medical bills you have, to speed up the processing of your claim. The less information to be collected through an investigation, the faster the process will likely be. A consultation can be a great way to understand what evidence will be helpful before an investigation is launched or a claim is filed. 

Experience Talks, Contact A Knowledgeable Orange County Personal Injury Attorney

As accomplished personal injury attorneys, Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates have the experience and expertise to work wonders in solving problems for clients and achieving the best possible results. We take a client-focused approach to achieving those results, so you can rest assured that someone is fighting for your best interests. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please call 888-848-5084 or contact us online.