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injury claimLegal television shows often show sharp, savvy lawyers entering into a negotiation with some unsuspecting individuals and begin to expertly dismantle them. Unfortunately, these types of shows create a sense of mystique proceedings and make you believe that every attorney is a master negotiator. The truth is that successful negotiation is an art and it takes years to get good at them.

If you have been injured in an accident, it is imperative to hire a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who is good at negotiating. The bottom line is that if you are filing a personal injury claim, your attorney will at some point need to negotiate your case, so it is imperative that he is good at negotiating successfully.

Important Tactics For a Good Negotiator

In order to determine whether an attorney is a good negotiator, he should possess certain characteristics.  Below are five essential negotiation tactics a good accident attorney should have:

  1. Know the limits. It is important to know your attorney knows limits before you begin any negotiation talks. Your attorney should set an absolute bottom line and stick with it.
  2. Be prepared. Preparation is key in a successful negotiation. Your attorney should have prepared well by knowing the facts of the case. Knowing your opponent will allow your attorney to have the upper hand and ensure a successful negotiation.
  3. Connect personally. Although it is important to come off professionally during negotiation, it is equally important for your attorney to connect on a personal level with his negotiation partner. If your attorney does, the other party is more inclined to side with you.
  4. Make a good mark. Making the first offer is not always a bad thing. If the bar is set high, sometimes called “dropping the anchor,” the other party will have to move from that high initial number. It will also show the other party that your attorney places a good deal of value on what he is negotiating.
  5. Know the context of the negotiation. It is imperative that your attorney knows the context of the negotiation. He should determine whether this is a one-off negotiation or a more extended affair; whether the stakes are high; how far he can push the other party without breaking off the negotiation altogether.

In order to determine whether your personal injury attorney possess these important negotiation tactics, you can talk to other people who may have had a case with the attorney, ask other attorneys in the same field about your attorney’s reputation in negotiating cases, and look at the attorneys track record.

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