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Personal Injury AttorneyIf you’re claiming disability insurance, be aware that insurance claim adjusters may conduct an “activity check” on you. Also called a “sub rosa investigation” or a variant of an undercover investigation, this involves the adjuster visiting the claimant’s neighborhood and questioning neighbors about the claimant’s physical condition or purported disability. The adjuster may ask the following questions about you:

  • “Are you aware that Mr. or Mrs. X is injured and disabled?”
  • “Have you seen him/her doing yard work?”
  • “Do you see him/her working outside?”
  • “Have you seen him/or carrying or lifting things?”
  • “Is he/she physically active?”

The answers to these questions, even if in the affirmative, are not necessarily damaging to your case or even admissible. But if the adjuster obtains information from neighbors that a claimant is physically active, the adjuster may hire a private investigator to find damaging or conclusive evidence. Thus, the information gleaned from an initial activity check might trigger even more invasive surveillance.

To have enough evidence to discredit the claim, the adjuster will want photographs or video of the claimant engaging in strenuous, physical activity. Because this takes time and is often an unpleasant task, adjusters will usually hire a private investigator to conduct further surveillance on the claimant.

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