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nursing homeAn October 20 meeting of the Medical Board of California in Los Angeles uncovered more details about the “Octomom Doctor” who helped Nadya Suleman get pregnant with embryos that resulted in her famous octuplet birth. Dr. Michael Kamrava faced charges of medical negligence in multiple cases including his work with Suleman and another woman who engaged in a multiple births.

News reports indicate that although Kamrava pursued treatments out of line with general medical guidelines in implanting the embryos, it never affected his medical license. The doctor has described the patient’s treatment as “a choice” for women who want more embryos in a single pregnancy than federal health standards recommend.

Regardless of whether Dr. Kamrava engaged in anything that could be called medical malpractice, the unfolding research on these cases shows that some doctors operate beyond the bounds of what the medical community generally considers inappropriate. California residents should understand the difference between a single doctor’s approach and the common medical standards approved by state and national health agencies.

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