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Following the horrific accident at the California 200, the California Bureau of Land Management has suspended all off-road racing events put on by the Mojave Desert Racing Productions and its promoters. Eight people died, and numerous individuals suffered serious injuries when a truck in the race lost control and went off the course, rolling into a crowd of spectators. Personal injury attorneys in Southern California as well as state and local law enforcement agencies are working along with the BLM to investigate this terrible accident.

The investigation is looking into the lack of restrictions, regulations and rules when it comes to the safety of both drivers and spectators at these off-road racing events. California personal injury attorneys are looking for reasons for which the race promoters did not have fans at a safe distance from the track. There are some rules and regulations in place for these races, and it seems that the California 200 did not follow them.

The BLM has not stopped all off-road racing in California. They will continue to evaluate races on a case-by-case basis, including the upcoming motorcycle race in Lucerne Valley on September 25th. Currently, only races organized by the Mojave Desert Racing Productions are under suspension. You can rest assured that promoters as well as fans will be more observant of the rules and regulations to keep all in attendance safe. California personal injury attorneys will tell you that it is the responsibility of both the promoters of the race and the property owner to ensure protection from harm for all patrons. This includes keeping fans and spectators at a safe distance from the track and vehicles.

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