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Personal Injury AttorneyYou were injured in an accident. You made the right initial decision to hire a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. How do you prepare for your first meeting with your attorney? Most people have never met with an attorney, especially after being involved in a traumatic accident. It is normal to be worried about what you need to do going forward and how to prepare for your initial consultation with your attorney to discuss your personal injury case.

Your attorney will understand that you may be apprehensive when you first walk into their office. This is not an easy experience, especially if you have never been injured in an accident or needed to use an attorney before. The list of our best tips on how to prepare for your first meeting with your personal injury attorney will be helpful in making your first meeting productive and less stressful.

Two Important Things To Prepare When Meeting Your Accident Attorney

Before meeting with your Los Angeles accident attorney, you need to prepare two important things:

1. Gather Important Documents

When you meet with your attorney, it is important that you have all documents related to your potential case. But how do you know what documents to take with you?

Each accident is different. However, there are some documents that are helpful in most accident cases. Police reports are very important in car accident cases. If you don’t have your police report, you can contact the local police department where your accident happened to get a copy of the report. If that is not possible, you should take the accident investigation report that the police gave you at the scene.

Other important documents include:

  • Medical reports
  • A list of all the doctors and healthcare facilities you have treated with regard to your accident
  • All pictures of the scene of the scene of the accident and your injuries
  • Your healthcare insurance information
  • A list of names and contact information for all witnesses

2. Prepare a Statement

Before meeting with your attorney, you should write down how the accident happened. It is best to prepare this statement immediately, or as soon as possible, after the accident. You should include all relevant details, including:

  • The date of the accident
  • The time the accident happened
  • The surroundings of the scene of the accident, including the weather and visibility
  • How the accident happened

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