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When sitting for your deposition in your personal injury lawsuit, it is common to feel nervous or intimidated about having to answer so many questions in an official setting. An experienced Irvine personal injury attorney can help prepare you for your deposition. Here are some general pointers on how to make a good impression:

You will most likely be asked about any prior injuries you have sustained. It is ok to describe them, and if you don’t remember any, state that to the best of your knowledge you have not had any.

You should be able to give a recollection of your actual injuries, how they occurred, how they have progressed, how much pain you have experienced, and how they have limited you in your daily life. You might want to write some of these details down before your deposition to refresh your memory, but you will not be able to use your writing during the deposition.

Compile a list of all doctors and other medical professionals who have treated you for injuries. Put it in chronological order to better organize your testimony.

You may be asked to testify about income you have lost as a result of your injuries. Do not exaggerate these figures under any circumstances. Your Irvine personal injury attorney will discuss what to say to that question beforehand.

If you have more questions about how to prepare for your deposition, contact dedicated Irvine personal injury attorney Samer Habbas at 888-848-5084 for a free initial consultation.

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