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It’s not uncommon for accident victims to take time off work, and in some cases, never be able to go back to work. If a serious accident that is caused by another party’s negligence caused you to experience loss of wages or income, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

Claiming loss of income is not as easy as most people think. An experienced Orange County accident attorney can help you file an accident claim to recover your lost wages and medical expenses.

What Is Lost Wages?

Loss of income or wages is generally any money you lost as a direct result of your accident or injury caused by the accident. In order to successfully claim loss of wages as part of your personal injury claim, your attorney must prove that your loss of income was caused by the injury or accident. This means that but for the accident or the resulting injuries, you would have made a certain amount of money from your job.

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Loss of Earnings v. Loss of Earning Capacity

Lost wages generally involves two things: loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity. A loss of earnings is a straightforward claim. Your attorney will simply need to show the amount of income you have lost due to the injuries that have prevented you from working.

A loss of earnings capacity is a bit more difficult. Your OC accident attorney needs to look at the long-term loss of your ability to make a living for yourself. It is often necessary to enlist the help of experts, such as life care planners and vocational experts, to determine a loss of earning capacity.

Proving Loss of Income and Loss of Earning Capacity

Depending on the circumstances, your lawyer will need to look at various documents and hire different experts to support your loss of wage claim. Experts may include: medical experts, workplace specialists, and economists. You will also need to provide your attorney with various documents, including your tax return, paycheck stubs and W-2 or 1099 forms.

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