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Truck accident lawyer Trucking Accident, Colorado- Samer Habbas and Jennifer Nimry Eseed, of counsel of the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates Inc. P.C. secured a settlement for $225,000.00 for a client who involved in a multi vehicle accident in the State of Colorado. Our client was operating an 18 wheeler as he was returning to the state of California. Weather conditions consisted of black ice on the roadway, creating an extremely slick and slippery road. Our client had come to a stop behind a separate automobile accident. As he was in his 18 wheeler he was struck by another 18 wheeler trying to avoid all the stopped vehicles. He sustained a shoulder injury that required surgery.

Liability for the collision was denied by the truck driver’s insurance company as they alleged that their truck driver had not made contact with our client and was not responsible for any injuries. Due to our relentless representation, the matter settled without going to Court for $225,000.00.