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Samer HabbasCorona, Calif. — Senior Partner, Samer Habbas, of the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates, achieved a $300,000 settlement from a three vehicle collision. Our client was driving westbound on the 91 freeway through heavy traffic, which came to a full stop. He and the vehicle directly behind, followed traffic to a complete stop. Soon after, the plaintiff heard a collision then suddenly felt an impact from behind. The defendant, who was trailing the vehicle behind our client, did not notice the traffic in time to stop and rear-ended the vehicle, who was then forcefully pushed into our client. 

The accident left the plaintiff with multiple injuries and complaints of neck, lower back, and knee pain. As a result, he suffered from post-concussion syndrome and a medial meniscus tear in the right knee. Our client also underwent surgery after being diagnosed with severe lumbar spondylosis with a collapsed disc. 

The injuries suffered could cause for future trauma on the plaintiff, which raised value for our client’s settlement worth. Habbas and his team took aggressive legal action towards the Defendant’s insurance. After building a strong argument, Habbas was able to achieve the full policy limit, resulting in a $300,000 settlement.


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