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Samer Habbas Settles a Sexual Assault CaseManaging Partner, Samer Habbas of the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates secures a $1,000,000 settlement on a sexual assault case that occurred in a Hotel/Motel room. The victim was sexually assaulted via digital penetration by an employee who entered her room without authorization.  
Our client was given a SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) exam that confirmed the assault, as did the confession given by the attacker.  The employee was criminally charged with P.C. 243.4, Sexual Battery and P.C. 459, Burglary, First Degree and was taken directly into custody. 
Our client will indefinitely suffer trauma as a result of this incident. Her sense of security and safety was stripped away from the moment the employee stepped into the room.  Habbas brought forth allegations against the defendant for the Negligent Hiring, Training, and Supervision of the employee. Without hesitation, Habbas rejected an obscene low ball offer of $125,000 to settle this matter.  He remained firm on his demand as he posed many compelling arguments to the defendants resulting in Habbas settling the matter for a $1,000,000. Our client may never fully recover from this incident, but we ensured to hold all those who wronged her  accountable for their actions on top of getting her the best compensation possible.