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blog banner reports that a Wildomar woman has been killed in a Riverside County motorcycle accident. The accident occurred on Route 74 in Hemet when an SUV collided with a motorcycle driven by Diana Vandenberg of Wildomar. According to early police reports, Vandenberg was thrown from the motorcycle by the impact.

The motorcyclist was taken to Riverside County Regional Medical Center where she died several hours after the crash.

This accident highlights one of the tragic realities of riding a motorcycle on California’s highways-a motorcyclist is at greater risk of an accident on the roadways even if he or she does everything right. Other motorists often fail to notice motorcycles and turn in front of the smaller vehicles, fail to yield and otherwise trap the motorcyclist in dangerous situations.

motorcycle accidentWithout the protection of a vehicle’s frame, once the motorcyclist has been forced into a dangerous situation, the chances that he or she will be able to walk away unscathed are much lower than for the operators of passenger vehicles. Severe injuries are likely to result as the motorcyclist is thrown from the bike and strikes the ground at high speed. Even if the biker manages to avoid being thrown, the alternative is just as perilous. A high speed skid across the pavement can strip flesh from bone and result in multiple injuries.

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