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A September 28 home invasion in Los Angeles left an elderly Villa Park man traumatized after robbers ransacked his home, beat him and threw him into his swimming pool.

Attack and Suffered injury attorneyLocal news reports say the victim was lying in bed recovering from surgery when two men entered his home and punched him in the stomach, dragging him outside in order to search his house for valuables. Outside, the robbers punched the man again and threw him into the pool, getting away with some jewelry.

Police who responded to the incident are on the hunt for two Latino men in a white pickup truck.

Home invasion incidents are some of the most frightening kinds of assault, and they can leave victims with damaging injuries. Regardless of what happens in a criminal court, professional personal injury lawyers can help victims deal with the costs of injuries and the impact they have on their lives.

In any assault situation, victims have to think about how to protect themselves after they have suffered harm. Experienced personal injury lawyers can counsel victims on their rights and their options in an assault case, using state law, case precedent and proper documentation of crimes or injuries.

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