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Any crash involving big rigs can result in serious injuries and fatality not only to the drivers, but also to other bystanders. But when you factor in a propane tanker in the crash, this can only result in a recipe for disaster.

Truck accident attorneyOn Friday, June 14th, a crash involving a propane tanker and several other big rigs shut down southbound Interstate 5 between San Clemente and Oceanside at the scales north of Camp Pendleton for several hours. A truck driver traveling at 55 mph, unable to brake in time, collided with a tractor-trailer hauling a propane tank causing a major pileup. A flatbed truck that was attempting to go around the stopped vehicles was pushed into all lanes of the early morning traffic.

The driver of the flatbed suffered cuts to the back of his head. Other drivers that were struck by the flatbed also suffered injuries. These injuries were relatively minor when compared to the magnitude of the crash.

The best way to deal with the aftermath of an accident is be prepared beforehand and know exactly what to do. Our San Diego personal injury lawyers have prepared answers to some common questions accident victims often face.

Do I need to call the police?

  • It is very important for you to contact the police to take a collision report, regardless if any of the other parties have suffered a major injury. A solid police report will help ensure that incriminating statements are written on paper by an authority of the law at the time when a party is most likely to make admissions of guilt.

What immediate steps should I take?

  • Seek immediate medical attention. If you are seriously injured, call 911. Even if you have not suffered what you may consider to be serious injuries, it is still very critical that you get medical treatment for all of your injuries.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene, vehicles involved, and any visible injuries you may have suffered.
  • If circumstances allow it, obtain the necessary information from all parties involved in the accident and any witnesses at the scene of the accident.

Should I talk to the insurance company?

  • We will advise you not to discuss the details of the accident with the insurance company for any reason. You should redirect any calls from the insurance company to your attorney’s office.

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