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Personal Injury claimYou got seriously injured in an accident. You diligently hired an experienced accident attorney who helped settle the personal injury claim against the at fault party. Now you have a choice of whether to take a lump sum payment or opt for a structured settlement. Before making this important decision, it is important to educate yourself and understand the difference with each type of payment.

What Is a Structured Settlement?

Structured settlements are not available in every personal injury settlement. However, if it is an option in your case, you should accept it if it only makes sense in your situation. In a structured settlement scenario, you will not receive the full settlement at the outset. Instead, you will receive a portion of the lump sum payment now and the remainder of the payment gets deferred to a later time or over a specified period of time.

The total amount to be settled is given to the structured settlement insurance company. The company will then work with you to determine what repayment schedule would work best given your specific needs. You will have a choice as to what structured settlement company to use. You should choose the most secure company that will take the necessary measures to protect you and your assets from a possible bankruptcy. This is important because if the company goes bankrupt, then you will lose your structured settlement as well.

What is a Lump Sum Settlement?

Most personal injury settlements fall into the lump sum settlement category. In most cases, individuals have no option but to receive a lump sum settlement. There are many reasons for this, such as the settlement amount not being large enough to be structured. If you opt for a lump sum settlement, you will get the full amount of settlement up front. In other words, you will get all the money as soon as your Los Angeles accident attorney cuts the check to you. You will be responsible for how you spend the money.

Which Option Is Better For Me?

If you have the option of taking a lump sum settlement or a structured settlement, you need to educate yourself as to which will be the better option for you. Your attorney may be able to give you good advice as to which option to choose. But it may also be a good idea to consult with an accountant or other professionals who help you manage your finances.

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