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Burned Skin

When you are injured in an accident that was caused by another party‚Äôs negligent actions, you only have a certain time period to file your claim for damages. Burn injury claims are no exceptions. The time limit for financial recovery can vary depending on what type of party or individual caused the accident. Below is […]

Burned Skin

Burns are one of the most painful, serious and common injuries you can suffer in an accident. According to the American Burn Association (ABA), more than 450,000 burn injuries receive medical treatment each year in the United States. The survival rate for most burn injuries is approximately 96 percent, making this type of injury very […]

  • February 2015
  • By Samer Habbas, Esq
  • In Accidents,

A burn injury is one of the most excruciating injuries you can suffer and unfortunately. About 450,000 people suffer burn injuries each year in the U.S., according to the American Burn Association. Burn injury victims who believe their injuries are due to the negligence or actions of another party should consult an experienced burn injury […]