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motorcycle accident

California motorcycle riders may be on the lookout for dangers related to car and truck drivers, but there’s one thing that some of them might miss: the dangers of collisions with local trains.In a website containing safety information resources, Southern California’s Metrolink commuter train service provides motorcycle drivers and other motorists with some educational data […]

Police officers have written at least 300 citations along a two-mile section of the popular light rail Blue Line as part of a sting operation intended to reduce train accidents along this route. The sting took place along the Blue Line’s route in downtown Los Angeles and caught offenders jaywalking as well as drivers illegally […]

A Los Angeles train accident claimed the life of a 56-year-old Visalia man recently when a Metrolink commuter train struck his maintenance truck. Los Angeles County coroner’s investigator Brian identified the train accident victim and confirmed that he had lived in the Central California community of Visalia. The victim was an employee of Union Pacific […]

Nearly five years after the Glendale train accident that killed 11 people and injured 180 more, Metrolink has paid out $30 million to settle the majority of the lawsuits in connection with the train accident. Two of these settlements stand out from the rest-one for $5 million and the other for $3.8 million-and two wrongful […]

A Los Angeles Times article published in late September reports that Metrolink’s official record of train accidents, injuries and deaths is incomplete and inaccurate due to inconsistencies mostly hidden from view. Their records make train operations in and around the Los Angeles area appear to be safer and less dangerous than they are. The records […]


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