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Marlon Acevedo, 35, was high on PCP when he clashed with Riverside police one year ago on Halloween, according to the coroner’s report. He was in the street screaming at passing cars, and officers struck him with batons and shocked him several times, the report said. He died at a hospital less than an hour later…

Samer Habbas, the attorney representing Acevedo’s relatives, said they have sued the Police Department, Chief Russ Leach, officers Daniel Koehler, Jeffrey Ratkovich and James Heiting, and others. The complaint alleges the officers violated Acevedo’s civil rights, wrongfully caused his death and used excessive force — with batons and the Taser — among other accusations.

“We’re talking about a mentally incapacitated person,” Habbas said. “They immediately took an aggressive approach.”

“Because he has PCP in his system, he no longer is going to be considered a human being?” Habbas said.

You can read the full article here:Taser played role in man’s death, report states

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