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Though not yet adopted by most car manufacturers, self-driving vehicles have introduced a game-changing feature to transportation. Makers, like Tesla have attempted to make drivers more bound to leave driving their vehicles themselves a thing of the past. However, with most technological advances, there are always risks. Although the autopilot features may be cool or convenient for drivers, they can be dangerous and even fatal.

Autopilot remains one of the most controversial elements of Tesla’s cars. The system combines features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping, and auto lane-change, and is intended to assist drivers on highways. However, when one of the self-driving Tesla cars gets into a crash, the result is generally catastrophic.

Dangers of the Tesla Autopilot Feature

One of the major dangers of the Tesla Autopilot feature involves the remote controlling of the technology and taking over the control of the car. This can be especially dangerous in a day and age when technology has become a household feature. Hackers can now easily take remote control of a Tesla Model and cause major accidents on roads.Tesla

Researchers from the firm Regulus Cyber proved this theory by demonstrating a type of GPS spoofing attack targeting the auto-navigation system of the Tesla Model S and Model 3 electric vehicles making them extremely vulnerable. The wireless and remote attack took control of the car with off-the-shelf tools in less than one minute. The hoax attackers were able to successfully slow the car down and caused it to veer unexpectedly off the main road.

Tesla Autopilot Can Cause Serious Accidents

CEO, Elon Musk has bragged about his cars’ self-driving capabilities and promised they will be fully autonomous starting in 2020. But critics say the Autopilot system, which requires that drivers remain attentive and ready to take control of the car, does not do enough to ensure that drivers pay attention, and that Tesla makes the system seem more capable than it is.

It is unacceptable for automakers to put their profits before the safety of consumers. As the car manufacturer, Tesla can and should be held liable for any resulting injuries caused by their products. They have a legal obligation to put products in the market that have been properly tested and are safe for consumers.

Contact an Experienced Los Angeles Autopilot Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved has been injured due to a defective self-driving car, such as the Autopilot in Tesla cars, you should discuss your legal options with an attorney as you may be entitled to compensation.  

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