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truck accident lawyerAccidents involving commercial vehicles and trucks are among the most serious in personal injury law. The reason is that the shear size of a truck or commercial vehicle when it comes into contact with a smaller sedan, motorcycle, bicycle or a pedestrian can result in severe or fatal injuries for the victims.

It is important that motorists, bicyclists, motorcyclists and everyone else on the road are aware of how truck accidents happen and what steps they can take to protect themselves. Although most truck accidents are caused by truckers, it is imperative that other people on the road recognize the most common sources of these crashes to create awareness.

Driver Distraction

Truckers often haul their loads over long distances for hundreds of miles at a time. During these long drives, they look for ways to keep them occupied, often at the expense of distracting their attention from the road. One of the most common distractions for truckers behind the wheel is the use of CB radios and their cell phones.

Driver Fatigue

Most truckers are generally on the road for approximately 12 hours at a time to meet their rigorous deadlines. Driving commercial trucks and tractor trailers is difficult at the best of times, but driving while fatigued reduces reaction times and the trucker’s ability to react to emergency situations.

Overloaded Trucks

Federal law places limitations on the maximum weight a tractor trailer can carry based on the number of axles the truck has. If the truck violates the federal law limitation, it will impact the vehicle’s ability to come to a full stop and makes it more liable to tipping over during sharp turns.


Commercial trucks, and all trucks for that matter, must take great care not to speed due to their massive size and inability to control road conditions and break. Unfortunately, the pressure of deadlines often forces many truckers to violate speeding laws and as a result endanger other drivers on the road.

Driving with Faulty Equipment

Every part on a commercial truck or tractor trailer plays a vital role in the safety of the vehicle. From brakes and suspension to turn signals and headlights, a failure in any of these parts can result in the trucker’s inability to properly and quickly respond to changing road conditions.

These top five causes of truck accidents are only the most visible ways that a truck driver can be held responsible for a collision. In reality, though, even the simplest poor driving can lead to a devastating crash.

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