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burn injuryBurn victims may be entitled to compensation from the party whose negligence or reckless caused the burn. However, as with any personal injury claim, it is difficult to accurately predict the settlement value of a burn injury.

The major factors in determining the value of a burn injury claim are the severity of the injury, the intentions of the party who caused the burn, and the extent to which that party can pay for the damages. Burn injury claims generally have a higher settlement value because the resulting pain and suffering and permanent scarring.

The Details of the Burn Accident

The details of a burn accident are very important in determining the value of the case. How and where the burn injury happened is important because the degree of the defendant’s liability (how bad the situation looks) can impact how much a jury might be willing to award at trial.

Like other personal injury claims, no two burn injury cases are the same. These types of injuries can happen in a variety of ways, including workplace injuries, faulty consumer products, arson, motor vehicle accidents, and any other kind of accident caused by negligence. If the injury was caused in a car accident, the higher the settlement amount the parties will eventually agree on.

Availability of Punitive Damages

If the at fault party acted intentionally or with gross negligence (very negligently), the burn victim may also be entitled to get punitive damages. This type of damage is meant to punish the liable party who acted in a reprehensible manner.

Punitive damages are more difficult to prove and are not readily and easily available in all burn injury cases. However, if your Los Angeles burn injury attorney is able claim punitive damages, the threat will generally make the at fault party more likely to settle the case at a higher value.

What Is My Burn Injury Case Worth?

The value of ay personal injury case, including a burn injury, is based on the degree of damage you suffered as a result of the accident. Accidents that involve a severe burn injury can be more complicated to valuate because of the cost of future care or medical treatment. Most accident attorneys do not have the experience and resources necessary to maximize the value of a burn injury claim. That is why it is important to hire a Los Angeles burn accident attorney who has the knowledge and diligence to properly value your case and advise you on all different options and help you make the best decision for your case.

Contact an Experienced Los Angeles Smoke Inhalation Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved has suffered a smoke inhalation injury in an accident caused by the negligence or recklessness of another party, you should discuss your legal options with an attorney as you may be entitled to compensation.

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