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When a family member or loved one passes away, the last thing you might expect is that a funeral home will abuse your loved one’s body or otherwise neglect their responsibilities. Unfortunately, funeral homes make mistakes and, in some instances, their workers may even be guilty of criminal wrongdoing. If you believe that you have been the victim of funeral home abuse, you will need an experienced funeral home abuse lawyer on your side who can better ensure that you receive justice and that the funeral home is held accountable. The lawyers at Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates, PC, know funeral home abuse when they see it and we are here to help you understand whether you are in a strong position to take legal action. To schedule a consultation at no cost, reach out to us today by calling 949-727-9300 or contact us online.

Funeral Home Abuse Explained

Funeral home abuse, also known as funeral home malpractice, can take many forms. Some examples of this kind of misconduct include:

  • Cremating the wrong body
  • Placing the wrong body in a casket
  • Failing to deliver a body to the cemetery
  • Having two bodies in one casket
  • Maiming or sexually abusing a body
  • Comingling of cremated ashes

It is important to understand that funeral home abuse does not only involve physically damaging a body. It can also include mistakes or negligent actions by a funeral home. If you believe your loved one was the victim of any of the above-listed examples or similar kinds of misconduct, you should immediately contact an experienced funeral home abuse attorney for more information. 

Why Hire A Funeral Home Abuse Attorney?

The memories you have of your loved one are priceless. Many people employ the services of a funeral home to honor their loved one and to make one final memory while they pay their respects. When a funeral home commits abuse, it can taint that final memory and cause emotional harm to the friends and family members of the deceased. The law says that if your loved one has been abused or neglected by a funeral home, you may be entitled to compensation. In fact, you may be eligible to receive monetary damages due to the emotional distress caused by the funeral home’s abuse and neglect.

In order to receive all that you deserve, you will likely need to hire an experienced funeral home abuse lawyer. These lawyers understand the law surrounding funeral home abuse and can gather the proof necessary to successfully file your claim. Having a lawyer on your side will also give you leverage against a funeral home that will likely try to evade accepting responsibility. When you hire an experienced funeral home attorney, this sends a message to the funeral home that you are serious about your claim and that it simply cannot ignore you. 

Funeral Homes Are Not On Your Side

As mentioned, funeral homes are businesses. As a result, they are primarily concerned with protecting their bottom line and turning a profit. This alone is not a problem, but when abuse has occurred, a funeral home will likely look to protect itself rather than pay out on a funeral abuse claim. For that reason, you will need an advocate on your side who will fight for your rights and hold the funeral home accountable for its wrongdoing. If you retain an experienced funeral home abuse lawyer to represent you, they will be required to uphold a legal duty to look out for your best interest and, therefore, must employ all reasonable efforts to secure an outcome that is most favorable for you and your family. 

Orange County Funeral Home Abuse Lawyer

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates, PC understand funeral home abuse claims and know how to prove them in court. We pursue every case with the same intensity and dedication and leave no stone unturned when investigating funeral abuse claims. We fight hard to ensure that our clients receive every dollar they are entitled to under the law, whenever such an outcome is possible per the unique circumstances of each case. If you believe that your loved one is a victim of funeral home abuse, do not hesitate to reach out to us today by calling (619) 453-0045 or contacting us online. You can schedule a free consultation right away. We look forward to speaking with you.