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Injury claimInsurance companies use a complicated process to evaluate claims. The claims manager will estimate the maximum potential value of your claim and set this money aside. The insurance company does not want to pay out the entirety of these reserves and will usually keep the actual amount in the reserve a secret.

While these reserves might be adjusted as the case progresses, they usually represent the maximum value of the case. To make this estimation, the insurance company will try to keep tabs on your medical bills, estimate any projected lost wages, and consider any permanent ramifications of your injury. As a general rule, the more serious your case, the less flexible these reserves are.

If the insurance company has access to your medical history, it will gather information about your previous injuries. If it can find any evidence that your condition is chronic and not caused by the accident, it will try to reduce your claim.

In addition to these medical evaluations, the insurance company will make a legal evaluation of your likelihood of winning any lawsuit you might file. To these ends, it will evaluate the amount and persuasiveness of any evidence you have against the insured. It will also try to find any legal weaknesses in your claim, including any problematic witnesses or evidence of your own liability.

The insurance company is never on your side. Be wary of anything they ask you to do. Call today for a free consultation with Orange County personal injury attorney Samer Habbas.