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Was Your Attorney Incompetent or Negligent in the Handling of Your Case? Lawyer Samer Habbas Can Help!

When you engage a lawyer’s services, you have a right to professional, competent representation. Unfortunately, some attorneys fail to live up to the standards of their profession. This is called legal malpractice. When a lawyer fails in his or her duties to a client, they hurt the very people who came to them for legal counsel.

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Clients who are injured financial, emotionally, or legally by a lawyer’s misdeeds can sue for legal malpractice and collect damages for their injuries. However, winning their case in court requires a series of proofs.

Proving a Legal Malpractice Case

When a legal malpractice attorney takes a case, he or she will make an argument in an attempt to prove four main points:

Attorney-Client Relationship
An attorney-client relationship must be proven for a legal malpractice suit to hold up in court. Without a professional relationship, a legal malpractice lawyer cannot establish that the attorney had a duty to provide any services for a client.

Negligent Standard of CareOnce a professional relationship has been established, a legal malpractice attorney must demonstrate the standard of care applied to the services rendered to the client. With the standard of care established, the next move is to show how an attorney violated or failed to meet that standard of care.

Attorney Judgment RuleGenerally, an attorney cannot be sued for legal malpractice for making honest mistakes while representing a client. So long as a lawyer makes decisions that are grounded in the best interests of the client and are within the scope of the law, errors in judgment are not legal malpractice.

Establishing a negligent standard of care can be very straight-forward, such as in a case of an attorney failing to bring a case to trial before the statute of limitations runs out. Usually, proving a negligent standard of care is a complex matter requiring skill and a nuanced understanding of the law as it relates to attorney-client matters.

Proximate Cause
Next, a legal malpractice lawyer must establish that the negligent standard of care given by the attorney is the proximate cause of an injury to the client. A proximate cause is an act or event which, by itself and with no intervening causes, is absolutely necessary for the occurrence of another event.

Fact and Extent of Injury
After the attorney’s actions have been shown to be the proximate cause of injury, a legal malpractice lawyer will next prove the fact and extent of the injury suffered by the client. These injuries can be financial, emotional, or legal.

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