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Slip and Fall Attorney Orange County, CA

slip and fall attorney Orange CountySlip and fall lawyers are accident attorneys who practice within a specialized area of premises liability law. Property owners have a duty to reasonably ensure the safety of other persons who are on their property. A slip and fall accident is a term for a range of incidents that result from falling, tripping, or slipping due to hazardous or unsafe surface conditions.

Our Irvine personal injury attorneys will fight for a settlement you deserve and will be there to help you through this tough time. We handle slip and fall lawsuits in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino.

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Slip and fall lawyers divide these personal injury accidents into four general types:

  • Slip and Fall-the victim’s foot slips on a surface due
    to moisture, chemical substances, ice, or other reasons.
  • Step and Fall-the victim falls due to a failure of the walkway
    surface, or due to a missing piece of the walkway surface.
  • Trip and Fall-the victim trips over a foreign object on the
    walking surface.
  • Stump and Fall-the victim falls due to an obstruction on the
    walking surface.

Liability is always addressed in slip and fall cases. While property owners have a responsibility to maintain their properties, other persons also have a responsibility to look out for their own welfare. An experienced slip and fall lawyer understands the limits of personal liability and helps his or her client receive a fair and just amount of compensation.

The Costs of Slip and Fall Injuries

Although a fall does not sound all that serious, the potential for serious injury definitely exits. A 2007 report by the National Center for Health Statistics reveals unintentional falls to be the leading cause of all personal injury accidents in the United States.

Some of the typical minor injuries present in slip and fall accidents include head injuries, concussions, sprained or fractured arms and legs, and spine injuries. Any one of these injuries can be quite costly in terms of medical expenses. When the loss of wages during recuperation is figured in the cost of the accident, these minor injuries no longer seem so minor.

Although thankfully rare, severe or even life-threatening injuries are possible in slip and fall accidents. Partial or complete paralysis, coma, and death have resulted from seemingly insignificant falls.

What Can You Do?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident, please contact the Law Offices of Samer Habbas. We specialize in getting just compensation for accident victims and their families.

Please call 1-888-848-5084 to discuss your case, or you can fill out our free personal injury consultation form.

Samer Habbas Slip and Fall Lawyers: let us help you back on your feet again.

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