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Bus Accident AttorneyThe Los Angeles Times reports that a bus accident on I-80 west of Reno has claimed the life of one person and injured 27 others.Although this latest mishap on California’s highways only claimed a single life, bus accidents have the potential to injure or kill dozens of people in an instant. Each time a passenger steps inside of a bus, they are literally entrusting their life and well-being to a number of elements that are outside of their control such as:

  • Driver skill and alertness
  • The bus company’s commitment to maintenance and safety procedures
  • The bus manufacturer’s safety testing and quality control

If any one of these elements performs below accepted standards of safety, the results can be catastrophic. The forces involved in a bus accident can result in injuries that require expensive and lengthy hospital stays. Recovering fully from a bus accident may take extensive physical rehabilitation, which may exact a grueling toll in pain and emotional suffering. Unfortunately, these accidents can also easily lead to permanent disfigurements, serious personal injuries, disabilities and life-long pain. Death is also a grim possibility, leading to heartache and loss for the friends and family of the victim.

Bus companies and the insurance companies that underwrite bus accidents vigorously defend their assets against the multiple claims that arise when a bus collides with another vehicle or with a pedestrian. If you have any questions regarding bus accidents and the legal rights of those injured in bus accidents, please contact the Law Offices of Samer Habbas. Our Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyers are here to answer your questions and will make sure you are treated fairly in your settlement.


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