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Christmas Tree
  • December 2019
  • By Samer Habbas, Esq
  • In Accidents,

As the countdown inches closer to Christmas Day and New Years, millions of people across the globe will start to make their way home for the holidays. Eager to arrive in time to carve the holiday ham, the risk for accidents and injuries is at an unprecedented level. The excitement of holiday cheer tends to […]

mobile apps for safe driving

Distracted driving accounts for the majority of motor vehicle crashes. According to the US Department of Transportation, the use of cell phones while driving plays a role in 1.6 million motor vehicle collisions each year, causing 500,000 injuries and 6,000 deaths. Technology has grown to become both a problem and solution in the automotive industry.  […]


Towards the end of November, millions of Americans kick-off the holiday season by sharing a flavorful feast with their beloved friends and family. Thanksgiving is a time to come together around the table and take a moment to acknowledge what you are truly grateful for.  However, for hundreds of people each year, what starts out […]


Injured in an Accident Outside of California? Even when you are traveling, whether for business or for pleasure, the risks of getting into an accident are just as high as when you are home. In fact, the risk of accidents are slightly higher due to the factors of unfamiliar roads and highways, different driving laws, […]

construction worker

The construction industry has grown exponentially over the past several years. It seems as though there are construction projects every street you turn onto. Although the projects provide a big economic support, they can also be a hotbed for serious construction accident injuries and fatalities. These dangers are present for both workers and bystanders at […]