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Not all motor vehicle accidents involve clear cut liability. In some cases, drivers point fingers to each other for the cause of the crash. Getting neutral or unbiased facts as to how the accident happened can be difficult, especially if there are no eye witnesses. Dash cams on vehicles, especially Tesla models, are becoming a […]


Los Angeles, Calif. — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a warning on September 6 urging people to stop using e-cigarettes products. This warning is a reflection of the first death stemming from the use of e-cigarettes or “vaping” in Los Angeles County. This death is believed to be the fourth related […]


Though not yet adopted by most car manufacturers, self-driving vehicles have introduced a game-changing feature to transportation. Makers, like Tesla have attempted to make drivers more bound to leave driving their vehicles themselves a thing of the past. However, with most technological advances, there are always risks. Although the autopilot features may be cool or […]


Anaheim, Calif. — An Alaskan woman filed suit against the Walt Disney Company, seeking $3 million in California federal court, alleging she suffered a traumatic brain injury while exiting the Space Mountain roller coaster ride at Disneyland. Sarah Andrews stated in her complaint that she “violently struck” her head against a low concrete ceiling when […]