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Funeral Home Abuse & Negligence: Deceased Corpses Deserve Respect Too

During a time of grief, it is only natural that you expect your deceased loved one to be treated correctly and respectfully. After all, just because you’re dead it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve respect, right? Although this line of reasoning is only logical, abuse and negligence in funeral homes is a serious matter […]

Cremation Case Shows Need for Advocating for Survivors

A recent California case of a woman’s personal loss shows how important it is to document incidents and events related to the cremation of deceased individuals. In California, there are several advocacy groups put together to protect the rights of survivors of the deceased. Sadly, a range of incidents can still occur involving the separation […]

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Reports from the state of California indicate that investigations into funeral home practices may continue into 2011. Articles from a blog called Your Funeral Guy and other independent remarks follow a potential investigation into the California Funeral Directors Association, a group charged with oversight of various funeral home abuse and related practices. One of the […]

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Those who are grieving for a family member who has passed away have a right to expect that funeral homes and similar businesses will take appropriate reactions to respect and safeguard the body and possessions of the deceased. The California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, a branch of the state’s Department of Consumer Affairs, is helping […]