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Taxi accidents in major cities, like Los Angeles, are not uncommon. However, unlike other motor vehicle accidents, taxi cab accident victims are often confused as to who is legally responsible for their injuries and resulting financial harm. When you are involved in a car accident caused by another driver, it is rather easy to figure out that the at-fault party’s insurance company should cover your medical bills and other resulting monetary damages.Taxi Drivers

When an accident caused by a taxi occurs, it may be difficult to determine whether the taxi cab driver personally, the taxi company or the other motorists involved will pay for your damages. As such, it is best to immediately hire an accident attorney who specifically handles taxi cab accidents to protect your legal rights and ensure that you get the full compensation that you deserve.

What Duties Do Taxi Cab Drivers Owe Passengers?

Taxi companies, and others who transport passengers in exchange for money, are considered to be common carriers. The law requires such common carriers to use the utmost care and diligence to ensure the safety of their passengers while operating their vehicle. Taxi companies can, in most instances, be held legally liable for the negligent actions of their drivers. This is especially the case if the injured victim can prove that the taxi company used poor judgment in hiring the driver.

Some common examples of taxi companies using poor judgment in their hiring process include:

  • Hiring a taxi driver that the company knows or should have known has a poor driving record
  • Hiring a taxi driver that the company knows or should have known has a drunk driving conviction
  • Hiring a taxi driver that the company knows or should have known has a prior history of the use of drugs

Determining Liability In Taxi Cab Accidents

One of the difficult aspects of an accidents involving a taxi is determining liability. Several common scenarios are discussed below:

  • If a taxi driver owns his own cab, the driver is solely responsible for the damages in the event of an accident.
  • If a taxi driver rents his cab from a taxi company, both the driver and the taxi company can be held responsible in the event of an accident.
  • If a taxi company simply hires drivers, the company is liable for the actions of the driver it hired.
  • If another driver caused the accident, the other party could be held liable

Determining who is responsible for the injuries you suffered as a result of the accident can get tricky. Without holding the right people responsible, you may not be able to recover the full compensation that you deserve.

Consult with a Taxi Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

If you believe that you or a loved one has been injured in a taxi cab accident that was caused by the reckless actions of another party, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. For more information or to schedule a free consultation with an experienced taxi cab accident attorney, call the Law Offices of Samer Habbas today at 888.848.5084.

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