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When it comes to bus safety for Southern Californians, the Orange County Transportation Authority, or OCTA, is trying to educate everyone about the need for safe riding.

The OCTA is responsible for the administration of the operation of buses around Orange County including parts of the Los Angeles metro area. With millions of riders on the streets every day, it’s important for bus transit departments like the OCTA to help provide guidelines for general safety and for avoiding the kinds of tragic bus accidents that affect many people each year. The sheer size of buses makes them more likely to be involved in serious accidents that cause many injuries and deaths.

Among the OCTA’s rules for safe riding are the following:

· Avoid running next to a moving bus
· Wait for the vehicle to come to a stop before trying to get on
· Use seats and handrails
· Do not distract the driver during the movement and operation of the bus

Giving enough attention to transit safety can help us all reduce the number of accidents that occur every year on California streets and highways.

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