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personal injury lawsuitTwo common questions most personal injury accident claimants have are what goes on in a typical case and how long it will take for the case to get settled. Below is a timeline of a typical personal injury claim and lawsuit. However, it should be noted that the timeline can vary depending on the specific facts of your case.

Seek Medical Care and Treatment

The first and most important step to take after getting injured in an accident is to get medical care and treatment for your injuries. If you are seriously injured, you should go to the emergency room or urgent care immediately after the accident. Even if you don’t think you are seriously hurt, you should still go see a doctor because symptoms of certain medical conditions may not surface until days or weeks after the accident. Seeking medical treatment is not only important to your health, but it is also important for documenting your injuries to prove to your case to the insurance carrier.

Choose a Lawyer

The next thing you do as part of your personal injury claim is to contact an experienced Los Angeles accident attorney. Hiring an attorney early in the game will ensure that your legal rights are protected. A good lawyer will also help guide your claim in the right direction to make sure you get the full compensation that you deserve.

Attorney Investigates Your Claim and Reviews Medical Records

Once you have hired an attorney, he will get all important facts pertaining to the accident. He will investigate how the accident happened, your background, the extent of your injuries, and your medical treatment. It is best that you are completely honest with your attorney and provide him with as many details as possible regarding the accident and your injuries.

Once your LA injury attorney has all necessary information and your medical records, he can better assess how he will proceed with handling your case.

The Demand and Negotiation Process

After you have completed your medical care and treatment and have reached a point of maximum medical improvement, your lawyer will make a demand to the insurance company representing the at fault party. A good attorney will wait until the point of maximum medical improvement because once your case is settled, you cannot go back and seek additional compensation if you still require treatment.

If your attorney is able to negotiate settlement terms that are acceptable to both parties, your case is settled and closed. If you are not able to reach a settlement, the only option is to file a lawsuit. Once a lawsuit is filed, you will enter the litigation process, which can take up to several years to come to a resolution, depending on the specific facts of your case.

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