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The Real Dangers of Front Impact Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles are increasingly becoming a convenient type of transportation – especially in states such as California where the weather is warm year-round. Riding a bicycle can also reduce time spent in traffic and other costs, such as gas, insurance, and parking. However, as convenient as riding a bicycle may be, it can also be dangerous. Unlike motor vehicles, bicycles do not have safety features such as seatbelts and airbags....
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Consequences of Riding a Bicycle On the Wrong Side of the Street

Riding a bicycle can be both an enjoyable pastime and a convenient mode of transportation. While the majority of people safely ride their bikes on public roads, there are a few who fail to follow the rules and endanger both themselves and other motorists and pedestrians who are sharing the streets and sidewalks with them. Bicyclists Are Subject to the Same Rules as Motorists  Bicyclists are subject to the...
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