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Runaway Prius Incident Increases Toyota Recall Safety Concerns

A March 8 incident involving a “runaway Prius” is showing how Toyota’s floor mat and gas pedal recalls may not be enough to solve their entire safety issue. According to official reports, a 61-year-old driver was unable to stop his Toyota Prius vehicle while navigating Freeway 8 in the San Diego area. The driver said he was speeding up to pass another vehicle when his gas pedal remained stuck...
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Toyota Gas Pedal Recall: Should You Stop Driving Your Car?

News sources and government officials alike are sending mixed messages to U.S. Toyota owners. If you own a Toyota model that is the subject of a recall for a defective gas pedal, should you stop driving your car? The answer, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), is no. In a congressional hearing earlier this week, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood advised Toyota owners to stop driving their...
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Toyota’s Problems Continue with 2010 Prius Defective Brake Pedals

It looks like Toyota Motor Corporation has added to its list of woes with the 2010 Prius Hybrid. The Prius, the best-selling hybrid car in the world, is known for being environmentally friendly, offering owners better performance and lower gas mileage. However, the Prius has been the subject of recent investigations by both Japanese and US governmental agencies for its faulty brakes. The regenerative brake system is what makes...
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